Saturday, 9 July 2011

Long time didn't update you , sorry :)

What a 709, made lots of Malaysian get mad of the government !
Haiz , many roads are blocked, the city is in disorder, caused me not allowed to go anywhere D:
I want to go Sunway with Jonny & Yaoyang leh :(
Wanna buy a bag :(
Unfortunately, the road nearby Sunway is blocked too, so three of us didn't go .

Many nice and not nice incidents happened in this year .
Read many friends' blogs and knew that many of them think that their friends (us) are ignoring them even abandoning them !
LOL, how can they think like this ?!?!!
Why don't they think it's because they're the ones who abandoned us at first and get the negative feedback like this ?!!
No eyes see ==

Okay , last Friday was the last day Our dearest form teacher JIJI's last day teaching us .
We,4s xin , used to be a very not united class, but the leaving of her , motivates us to become united like a class,instead .
The whole class gave RM5 to buy a present for her .
We bought a big chicken doll,hamburger doll,handphone stand, and LOTS OF STARS for her.
I can deeply feel the power of us combined together when I saw EVERYONE in the class are folding stars for the present . Touched .
This is our masterpiece :D

It's an unforgettable day in my life <3 Besides, our school organised a marathon + cheerleading competition at taman metroplitan . And I, took part in the cheerleading competition,of course . With hangpin and kawei,etc. :D

me and dear hangpin :D

our cheerleading got champion :D

醉后决定爱上你 is so nice <3 Looking forward to tomorow's ASQ competition ! :D 时间过得真系快,又是时间说 bye bye :D

Sunday, 27 March 2011

HI :)

Hey guys :)
this is my new blog :D
please enjoy reading it :D